Anil Kag

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Anil Kag
Research Fellow
Machine Learning & Optimization Group
Microsoft Research India

I am a research fellow in the Machine Learning & Optimization group at Microsoft Research, India, where I work with Dr. Manik Varma on Extreme Classification. Previously, I was an undergraduate student at IIT Guwahati where I obtained my B. Tech in Computer Science in 2014. I worked on Live Streaming via Peer to Peer Overlay Networks with Prof. Diganta Goswami for my undergraduate thesis. I've also worked as a Software Engineer for 2 years at Dynamics CRM, Microsoft India Development Center, Bangalore.

You can find a link to my resume here.


  • Parabel has been accepted at WWW'2018 [20th December, 2017]
  • SwiftXML has been accepted at WSDM'2018 [24th October, 2017]

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